Varane made his debut with Manchester United

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Manchester United have made it clear they want Rafael Varane. although, Real Madrid do not want to let the key defender leave the club. Just one year remaining and negotiating a new deal. Did not achieve it at all. Causing Real Madrid to decide to let Rafael Varane out of the team immediately. It was Manchester United who pulled Rafael Varane to join the team for a fee of 40 million pounds. It hasn’t been officially launched yet.

Earlier, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer revealed that Rafael Varane’s contract is still a bit of a problem. Rafael Varane has yet to train with his team-mates. Causing contract negotiations to slow down. But recently, Manchester United announced that Rafael Varane officially joined the team by letting. Rafael Varane hold the shirt in front of the fans in the stadium before the game against Leeds United. The result of the match came out as Manchester United that won’t be difficult.

Rafael Varane gave an interview after moving to Manchester United saying: “Manchester United is one of the teams with a long history. I cannot deny the opportunity that comes in. To be successful in my career and ready to help Manchester United win the championship as much as possible. Of course, I want to be part of the history of Manchester United, “Rafael Varane will wear a shirt. No.19 replaces Ahmad Diallo, who is set to move to the No. 16 shirt, and Rafael Varane is likely to feature in his next game against Southampton.