Solskjaer reveals Greenwood has grown considerably

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Manchester United have faced arch-rivals Leeds United on the opening day. It was Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba showed great form to help Manchester United beat Leeds. United went to 5-1 with Bruno Fernandes scoring three goals while Paul Pogba managed to get four assists. But another one who has done a great job. An important part of Manchester United’s attack is Mason Greenwood and scores 1 goal as well.

In which Ole Gunnar Solskjaer commended all the players who did a great job. Were able to win first, especially Mason Greenwood, who has grown a lot by Ole Gunna. Solskjaer said: “Bruno Fernandes scoring three goals and Paul Pogba’s four assists in the last game, they should be named. It’s in the headlines for sure, but for me to look at the team as a whole, how well these two have done a great job is very satisfying.”

“And the reason why both of them are doing so well is because their team-mates are so supportive and Mason Greenwood has clearly improved, which shows that he’s matured. Adults more than 2 years ago, “although Jadon Sancho is just a substitute, plus Rafael Varane has just officially launched before the match, but the next match, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is ready to send both of them. Enter the field if the physical condition is perfect, full hundred