Rejke confirms Dest will stay at Barcelona

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Sergino Dest’s agent, Michael Rejke, has confirmed that Sergino Dest will stay at Barcelona despite reports that Chelsea are ready to bring Sergi. No Dest joins the team and Barcelona have plans to release some players from the team.

The former board and appear to have had a huge impact. On Barcelona as they parted ways with Lionel. But Barcelona’s financial situation has not improved much. He needs to be Release some players from the team.

Especially a player who has become a surplus like Sergino Dest, who now seems to be just a reserve of Barcelona after not being able to squeeze into the main body of Barcelona since the change. The manager is Xavi Hernandez, and there have been reports that Chelsea want Sergino Dest. Barcelona recently brought in Ferran Torres. Joining the team in the January transfer market had to let go of many players from the team.

Sergino Dest is one of the players are likely to be released from the team. In order to maintain financial conditions. Chelsea are ready to pay huge sums to Barcelona. ​But Michael Reich Go insists Sergino Dest wants to stay at Barcelona.