March admits Leeds United must beat Norwich

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Leeds United manager Jesse Marsh admits Leeds United must only beat Norwich City. If they are to survive falling into the relegation zone.

Leeds United’s situation in the 2021/22 season has started to look a bit unsettling. After losing so many times that it’s now dropped to the bottom of the English Premier League table. Also, because they are now just two points ahead of the UFABET teams in the relegation area. More than two games in total, Leeds United’s latest loss to Aston Villa is disappointing. Making the situation even more dangerous.

And the next match, Leeds United will face a team at the bottom of the table. Norwich City are also vying for a place to survive the relegation on the condition of having to win, which Jesse Marsh insists Leeds United have no choice. Others if hoping to stay in the English Premier League by Jesse Marsh said in an interview: “Although we will do our best to win, but the result is not what we want. “

“Although our performance was very satisfactory, unfortunately we had to miss the loss, causing our situation to start to become unfavorable and the next match against Norwich City had no choice but to play. We only need to keep winning and if we can succeed it will be a big step for us to start doing better but we need to keep winning the next match to be sure. to stay in the English Premier League next season.”