Dest admits he was shocked at Messi’s departure from Barcelona

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It seems that Lionel Messi’s split from Barcelona will come as a surprise to all fans including Barcelona players. Joan Laporta has clearly announced that talks with Lionel Messi are going well. That he is preparing to extend his contract with Lionel Messi even more. Financially, Barcelona were unable to extend the contract with Lionel Messi.


Sergino Dest admitted he was shocked by Lionel Messi’s departure from Barcelona. It felt very strange not to work with Barcelona by Sergino Des. T said: “Everyone wanted Lionel Messi to stay at Barcelona and his decision to part with Barcelona was a huge surprise to everyone, especially me. Plus, Lionel Messi was named the best player in the world so we wanted him to stay here but it didn’t happen.

“Of course, having Lionel Messi in the squad makes it a lot easier for us to do things, but we have to move forward even if it feels a little strange without Lionel Me. Ssi is in the team and we all miss Lionel Messi always. Lionel Messi is on the team ufabet