David Luiz reveals why he didn’t move to France

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After two years at Arsenal, David Luiz decided to part ways with Arsenal to look for a challenge in his career despite Arsenal’s bid. A new contract has been completed. There are now many teams interested in David Luiz. He is a highly experienced player has been playing in the senior stages for many years with Benfica as a team. Interested in David Luiz as well and have negotiated a contract with David Luiz is completed.

Aside from Benfica, there are also French Ligue 1 teams that are also interested in David Luiz. David Luiz has refused to move to French Ligue 1 football despite having been a trader. The player is with Paris Saint-Germain. Which David Luiz also revealed the reason for not moving to the French Ligue 1 footballer saying: “The reason why I did not return to the French Ligue 1 footballer. Because I do not want. Against Lionel Messi facing. him was a nightmare and it would have been better not to see him again.”

“The reason I decided to part with Arsenal is because our ideas no longer match. I want to win as many trophies as possible. It seems like R’s idea. Senal will not think like I thought. So there is no need for me to stay with Arsenal, whose ideas are not the same as mine. Disappointing in the opening match of the field that defeated rookie team Brentford 2-0TAGS:David LuizLionel MessiFrench LigueArsenal