Burley urges Tuchel not to send Pulisic into the field as a target striker

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Ex-Chelsea midfielder Craig Burley has advised Thomas Tuchel not to feature Christian Pulisic as a striker because it is not his preferred position and affects Christian’s performance. very pulisic

Christian Pulisic is normally more of a side play. May have dropped into an offensive midfield with the prominence of creating chances for his UFABET team-mates. But the problem is that Chelsea need to rotate their players on the pitch. Because many of the key players are not yet available due to injury problems. Some are out for at least two weeks from contracting COVID-19. But Chelsea need to keep playing for Thomas Tuke. l Must send existing players to the field without options.

And Christian Pulisic, who originally specialized in playing on the side, had to move into a center forward with options. Of course, Christian Pulisic’s on-field performance wasn’t that good and Chelsea were. Not winning several games in a row until now has dropped to 3rd in the table with a score of 6 behind number one team Manchester City and most recently Craig Burley. Jersey advised Thomas Tuchel not to send Christian Pulisic into the field as a target striker is strictly prohibited.

Personally, I’m not at all happy to see Christian Pulisic come on as a central striker because his style of play doesn’t quite fit into the center forward position and it has a huge impact on his performance. Christian Pulisic’s play. Christian Pulisic has scored only 2 goals and 1 assist only from 12 appearances on the field in all competitions.