Braithwaite Sudble! “Barca” has a beautiful start, beat “Sociedad” 4-2

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Barcelona kicked off the new La Liga season with a 4-2 win over Real Sociedad at the Camp Nou.

Credit: FC Barcelona Facebook Page

“Chao Boon throws” Barcelona into a transitional era When they were without Lionel Messi again. They showed great complacency with a 4-2 win over Real Sociedad at the Camp Nou.

The new Spanish La Liga football match 2021-22 on Sunday night August 15 at 2:00 am. It is a game to watch a lot between Barcelona’s open house Camp Nou. Welcome to Real Sociedad.

This game on the home side organized an army in a 4-3-3 system. Using three coordinates in front of Marty Braithwaite Antoine Griezmann and Memphis Depay. In this game, there will be players New kickers Eric Gazia. Memphis Depay have started the zart. Gun Aguero cheering for his friend on the sidelines due to injuries.

The away team comes in a 4-2-3-1 system leading.

The team in the offensive line by Miguel Oyarzabal Adnan Januzaj. David Silva with a central striker like Christian Porto.

first half start Local Barça Got a goal to lead 1-0 from the moment that Memphis Depay opened a free-kick from the starboard right into the penalty area and Gerard Pique headed into the goal. Then in the first half of the stoppage time Barca escaped 2-0 from the moment Frankie Dejon opened the ball on the right to the second post as Martin Braithwaite headed into the net. and finished the first half with this score

In the second half 55th minute, Barca scored a third goal to make it easier for them to play. From the moment that Jordi Alba Speed ​​took the ball into the penalty area until the end of the line before hitting the ball into the middle. Went to hit the goalkeeper who brushed the ball into the gun of Martin Braithwaite, did not hit the rest later in the 82nd minute, Sociedad hit the egg, chasing a 3-1 by Ander Barrennet. sia bring the ball in Before flicking the ball into the penalty area for Julen Lobete shot with the left into A few minutes later They got the second goal from Miguel Oyarzabal’s free-kick, converging with a beautiful left-hand spin into the corner. making the local fans go silent And in the second half of stoppage time, Barca got the door hammered in the coffin to 4-2 from the moment Martin Braithwaite took the ball into the penalty area before cutting into the middle for Sergi Roberto to come in. Shoot straight, there’s nothing left

During the rest of the period, no more goals were scored. Ending the game as the home team defeated Real Sociedad 4-2, although there were some thrills at the end of the game.