Nottingham Forest 2-1 Manchester United: Picking up after the Premier League game, the Red Devils returned to form again. Lost at the end of the year

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Nicolas Dominguez and Morgan Gibbs-White scored goals each as Nottingham Forest beat Manchester United, with Marcus Rashford returning to score. The ufabet team can But it was not enough and it was 3 points for the home team at the end of 2023 in the end.

Nottingham Forest 2-1 Manchester United: Picking up after the Premier League game, the Red Devils returned to form again. Lost at the end of the year

Manchester United were helpless both offensively and defensively.

Manchester United returned to form again. Which is not too surprising with a lopsided loss to Nottingham Forest that “deserves” to be the loser. Because today they have shown no signs of superiority or better standards. The offensive game had almost no moments of creating beautiful games throughout the game. Emphasizing the use of individual abilities. But not being able to drive past the goal, the goal was due to a mistake by the home team. While the defensive game initially seemed good. But as they played, they began to go out to sea and stand in erratic positions. It were caught being slow by both Evans and Varane. So they were constantly challenged one-on-one by the home team’s youthful attackers and were often attacked.

Football changes coaches, increases hunger

The arrival of Nuno Santo cannot be denied. It can really lift Nottingham Forest from their previous poor performance and lack of life. It became a team that played with liveliness, fierceness, and hunger. Until the results came out well both. In the first game losing to Bournemouth as well as the last two games against Newcastle and Manchester United. It’s interesting that after this the boss. The Portuguese will be able to lead Forest to become a strong team like they did with Wolverhampton or not. But for sure, now anyone who meets them can say that they are definitely tired.

Elanga shows off her skills

Anthony Elanga, Nottingham Forest’s winger, today was considered another outstanding performer in today’s game by being involved in both goals along with 1 assist. Sist, if you still remember, was a child of Manchester United who was unable to emerge and fully integrate into the first team. Before being held back for a long time and being sold out, the team came out. But today he proved that he is good enough to play in England’s top flight and sent a gentle message to his former team by walking off the field and pointing out the club crest on his shirt after the game.

Turner, key man for both teams

It seems like the person who will be especially watched in this game is none other than United States goalkeeper Matt Turner, who clearly has problems with his ability to open the ball with his feet. No matter how bad the kick was, it went awry until the Manchester United players caught it and squeezed until the kicking and throwing were all chaotic. In addition, he also gave luck to Carnacho and was the source of the away team’s equalizing goal. 

However, he was able to make amends successfully by showing a beautiful save form, helping the team many times in the end of the game, changing from defense to offense and affecting the winning goal that the team got in this game. There was also a super save of Bruno’s shot that ricocheted and changed direction in an incredible way that turned him from being a villain into a confused hero in the end.