What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, similarly known as impotence, is a condition mainly in older men where they do not get and keep an erection. However, it doesn’t mean an occasional failure to erect; sometimes it’s normal. Impotence may be caused by stress, tiredness, excessive intake of alcohol and smoking. If the condition persists, however, you should ask for physician’s advice because it has been discovered that Erectile Dysfunction can cause the heart disease.

What may cause it to happen?

The causes of erectile dysfunction may either be physical or psychological. Physical causes may include:

  • The blood vessels going to the penis may be narrow as a result of hypertension, diabetes or high levels of cholesterol.
  • Smoking cigarettes.Psychological factors or causes include: Stress at the place of work, or even due to problems in relationships.
  • Feeling stressed due to poor performance in bed may also be a cause.

Apart from physical and psychological factors, vascular disease, though not common can be a cause of impotence. Erectile dysfunction may also come about when using certain medicines.

Diagnosis of the causes of erectile dysfunction (ED)

Once you suspect to have the condition, you should see a doctor for more investigation. This is because, the frequent occurrence of the condition, may be a symptom of a dangerous physical illness. Diseases associated with impotence are atherosclerosis, which affects the heart and blood vessels, diabetes, and High blood pressure. Undertaking tests will determine the blood flow to the penis and hormonal problems if any. This will help you get proper treatment.

Can erectile dysfunction be treated? Yes! Erectile Dysfunction has a variety of treatments. These treatments can be:


2.Minimal invasive

3.Surgical treatments.

Non-invasive treatments involve the use of oral tablets, external devices like vacuum penile pumps and counseling. Tablets commonly used include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Spedra. These tablets are referred to as PDE5 inhibitors- they prevent production of a certain enzyme inside the penis that helps to improve your erectile response to normal. You should take the tablets one hour before sex. The use of PDE5 inhibitors has side effects which include:

1. Headaches

2. Flushing

3. Incomplete digestion

4. Feeling sick (nausea)

5. Vomiting

6. Muscle pain

If you have following conditions, kindly don’t use PDE5 inhibitors. Hypotension or low blood pressure. If you recently received stroke treatment.• If you have or have had unstable angina. Heart attack disease. If you have been advised to avoid sexual activities as they may widen your blood vessels.

Minimally invasive treatments you may use to treat erectile dysfunction may include;i. InjectionsSome medicines will increase your blood flow if injected into your penis. The erection created can start within five to ten minutes and last for at least an hour. However, the injection may have side effects for example priapism – a painful erection that may last for several hours; it is mainly caused by overdosing. Incase priapism occurs, you should seek medical assistance Immediately.ii. Hormone therapyHormones are chemicals that the body produces. If the doctor finds out that a hormonal condition causes your erectile dysfunction, it may be treated using a synthetic hormone injection.SurgeryThis is the last method used to treat impotence, which is if all other methods of treatments fail. It is rarely used. It may be performed in:

1.Younger men who went through major injuries leaving injuries to their pelvic area.

2.Men with severe problems with their penis especially following a trauma.

Penile implants

They are of two main types:

1.Semi-rigid –this is suitable for men who don’t have sex on a regular basis, mostly the old.

2.inflatable implants –involves more than two parts that can give more natural erection when inflated.

Penile implants are very expensive but most men, three-quarters, have been satisfied with the results.Having penile implants, may expose you to an infection. However, intake of preventative antibiotics can reduce this.If psychological factors cause your erectile dysfunction, you may try:

1. sensate focus where you together with your partner enjoy physical contact without an attempt to turn on each other

2. .Psychosexual counseling can help you solve where your spouse can discuss the causes of your erectile dysfunction. A counselor can also do this.

3. Complementary therapies- for instance acupuncture has claimed to treat erectile dysfunction.

4. Pelvic floor muscle exercises. These muscles lie underside the bladder and rectum as well as at the base of the penis. By training and strengthening these muscles, it might prove beneficial to you.Points to note:a) Most occurrences of an erectile dysfunction are connected to a physical cause.b) Men with diabetes are more open the condition.In conclusion;

Many people fear discussing their sex life with others and honestly, it can be embarrassing. However when such a condition occurs, you should not wait for serious illnesses like the heart disease to attack you. Erectile dysfunction can be treated; hence, it shouldn’t cause you to panic. while using over-the-counter medicine be careful because most of them are expensive and usually untested on their side effects. Avoid stress and the activities that may cause Erectile dysfunction.


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