5 Most Effective Workout Videos in the World

There are work-out DVDs that are available in many stores. This shows that workouts at home with the help of these recorded programs are gaining huge popularity. There are DVD routines for every kind of workout for the whole body, to tone your abs, hips etc. These videos make workout for busy people accessible and easy to work with since they have little time to spend at the gym. Here is a list of popular workout videos that can also be downloaded:

Tae Bo Amped (Billy Blanks): Billy Blanks is known for providing some of the most successful and effective work out routines for burning calories the smart way. Billy is a pioneer in the Tae Bo workout field. This video set is a combination of 5 CDs with routines that include aerobics, Tae Kwon Do, and Kickboxing. As per certain consumer researches, this video is sure to help you burn calories.

The 10-Minute Solution: This workout solution gives you a choice of 5 different programs. You can either work in one area for 10-minute workout session or combine 5 programs for a workout lasting for 50 minutes.

Insanity Challenge: This will give you drills, strength trainings, and intervals in hourly increments. The MAX interval training is used, so as to give the user a toned body in just 2 months time. Perfect for those brides-to-be who want to fit into that perfect dress!

Denise Austin: This DVD is just right for the time-restrained people. As per Fitness magazine, every workout is expected to burn around 350 calories. This will give 3 workouts in just half an hour or even lesser. These short sessions have enough time to burn all the extra fat when done regularly as per instructions.

The Workout by Jane Fonda: The sessions taught in this work with your entire body with workout combinations that include intensity movements as well as low impact ones. As per their website, Jane Fonda workout videos are the best-selling in its category.

These workout videos are recommended by experts in the industry after detailed user research.

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