Erectile dysfunction therapy

Erectile dysfunction therapy treatment is multifaceted and greatly depends on the cause of the erectile dysfunction. The symptom, which is also known as ED or male impotence, is a sexual dysfunction that occurs in men. It is the inability to develop or maintain proper erection of penis during sexual intercourse due to various reasons. It is a chronic and recurring problem. Depending on the cause, various treatments are available.

The recurring problem may be due to several combined causes – both physical and psychological. Erectile dysfunction treatment is highly complex and depends on the cause. They include pharmacological methods, mechanical methods and counseling. All remedies work by targeting the entire male sexual system such as testosterone levels and blood flow to the penis.

Erectile dysfunction is demonstrated by some scientists as affected by psychological stress and other mental disorders. Depression, anxiety, panic disorders, and simple stress can affect the ability of the man to perform sexually. And since men often find the inability to maintain an erection a shameful experience, the problem is left untreated and the erection dysfunction keeps coming back. Some experts recommend counseling for troubled men on dealing with issues related to impotence.

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